specification yamaha mio m3 125 blue core

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Specifications and Price Yamaha Mio 125 Blue M3 Core
Specifications and Price Yamaha Blue Core - Development of two-wheeled automotive world increasingly heated inevitably make the automotive industry competition became very fierce on any two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer or the manufacturer hub motors which are developed countries namely Japan. Just look at Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki were so dominating two-wheeled vehicles in Indonesia. One type of motor that is very popular in Indonesia is a kind of automatic scooter or scooter can be called. This type of motor is a choice and a mainstay of the majority of Indonesian society which is dominated by the woman who saw the practicality of this type of motor. Therefore, the community needs Yamaha aware that they have to create the latest automatic motor with the latest innovations as well. At the end of December 2014 quarter of this was born the latest generation of the automatic motor Yamaha Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core. Indeed, by using an automatic transmission in a motor scooter coupled with the latest innovations to make Yamaha Blue Core is easy to use for all people. With the increasing popularity of motorcycle automatic transmission it needs an engine capacity was increased in view of the magnitude of the engine capacity will increase the speed of the motor itself then if that is interesting from Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 this?
yamaha mio m3 125 blue core
Actually Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core was originally will be officially launched in mid to late December 2014. But Yamaha has done with the introduction of their new scooter phased manner starting from showing headlamp and some sides. As already known to almost the entire Yamaha targeting market segmentation among young people and can be sure Yamaha Blue Core is also targeting market segmentation among young people with the spirit of the passionate but not close also to be able to hook the attention of motorists among parents who want innovation and practicality. In accordance with spyshoot circulating on the internet M3 Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core has a design with a very young child look simple, trendy and sporty expected to dominate the market by Yamaha motor scooter which had declined compared to their motor sport markets. By holding "Engine" accompanied with a capacity of 125 cc engine and technological innovation will increase the diversity of automatic motorcycle in Indonesia. How Blue Core technologies are planned that will be mounted on a motor scooter? For Bro and Sis together for more details check out reviews Mas Sena detail about Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core to review this time yes!
yamaha blue coreSpecifications Yamaha Mio 125 Blue M3 Core
In accordance with spyshoot circulating on the internet lately M3 specification Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core has a design concept that young people really where simplicity, slim, sporty and trendy this being the automatic motor into this. Matic will look very trendy when brought to accompany you walk into the park. Mas Sena getting leaked dimensions Yamaha Blue Core is 1870 x 685 x 1035 mm with a height of seat 750 mm and weight of 94 kg makes automatic motor Yamaha this one includes cute to be ridden by riders with a height less without having to tiptoe if you want to ride. Even with the sleek dimensions including ease of Yamaha Mio M3 125 Blue Core is maneuvered conditioned crowded streets as on urban streets. Luggage capacity available on the specifics of Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 is 10.1 liters is enough to store your goods, but not enough to store a helmet standard size. As for the capacity of the fuel tank automatic motor Yamaha this one larger than 125cc motor scooter others with carrying capacity of 4.2 liters for a single charge so as to bring the motor cover a distance of 200 km so that consumption be efficient.

specification yamaha mio m3 125 blue core
To design a head lamp which is applied to the specifications of Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 has separate forms with light seinnya which if considered at a glance lamp design is similar to the Honda scooter Honda beatnya. However, Yamaha Blue Core head lamp looks like a sport touring motorcycle headlamp belonging to them, namely MT-125 which has the form of a simple, sporty and looks very "eye catching" the whole body. Body design is so slim and fit, and combined with a wing that has a "Layer" automatic motor yamaha makes this one looks very sporty and stylish. M3 wing design Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core is slightly reminiscent of the shape of which is owned by Honda Vario CBS which has a shape looming and handsome. At Yamaha Blue Core spedometernya design similar to other Yamaha automatic that has a speed indicator, the distance taken / trip meter, turn signal, headlight, fuel, engine and eco indicator. Speedometer with Eco Indicator serves to tell the motorist while driving on the conditions most optimal engine performance so as to save on fuel usage reaches 60%. While the shape of the wheels of the specifications Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 is still adopting Mio Soul belong to the same tire size large both front and rear tires. Complete enough not Bro and Sis? It is estimated that with the indicator makes the eco riding Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core M3 will produce environmentally friendly combustion when driving at a speed of 40-60 km / h. Wow! Advanced ya Bro and Sis?
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